Six Weighted Blankets For Your Baby

Many parents have been using a weighted blanket to keep their children sleep soundly at night. When you have a toddler or older children, this can be a good idea. But a weighted blanket is not advised for a baby under 12 months old since the blanket weight is not 10% of the baby weight. However, if you have been struggling with your baby throwing night fits, you come to the right place.

We have compiled a list of blankets and sleeping sacks that are as comforting as being in a hug. They may not be actual weighted blankets but they work just the same. And better yet, they are made for babies.

Nested Bean Swaddle 2 in 1

Nested Bean Swaddle 2 in 1The 2 in 1 design means this swaddle will last until your baby outgrows. Designed to fit baby from 0-6 months, your baby will be comfortably snug and warm inside this blanket. It’s made from 100% soft cotton that will stay warm during winter but also breathable for the summer. The weighted parts are so light and designed in places that will mimic your touch. Your baby will feel like they are in your arms and sleep better.

User comments

“My 6-week old infant slept 7 hours last night in this swaddle.”

Key features

  • 2 in 1 design
  • Machine washable
  • 100% breathable soft cotton

 BABYINABAG Wearable Blanket

BABYINABAG Wearable BlanketThis wearable blanket is so soft that you might want for yourself. It has a bell-shaped design that will give your baby an extra space to kick around at night, but they won’t ever kick their blanket off. It’s made from breathable cotton that filled with polyester that will keep your baby warm at night. The armholes and side zippers help you with positioning your baby until they are comfortable.

User comments

“This sack is light but still very warm.”

“Keeps my baby warm. She sleeps so much better now”

Key features

  • 100% cotton
  • Side zipper
  • Machine washable

Gunamuna GunaPod

Gunamuna GunaPodThis award-winning blanket has proved that it’s a class on its own. With only 2.5 tog rating, this blanket is lightweight and warm for the winter without being stuffy. It also has a 4 ways zipper they call as WONDERZIP. And they do wonders. You can just open the lower half for a quick diaper change, or the side of the middle zipper for a sleep transfer. It’s also made from bamboo viscose with hypoallergenic filling for a little bit of extra weight that will go the extra mile on comforting your baby.

User comments

“This is the softest sleep sack I’ve ever owned.”

“The first night my grandson used this he slept 5 hours straight.”

Key features

  • Ultra-plush material
  • 4 ways zipper
  • Hypoallergenic bamboo viscose

Kleitung Minky Baby Blanket

Kleitung Minky Baby BlanketAt a glance, this may look like your ordinary blanket. But it’s more versatile. Thanks to its large size, 30*40 inches, this blanket is perfect for both cribs and strollers. You can use it to swaddle your baby or as blanket. Made from premium polyester, both surfaces on this blanket are soft and plush. You also can machine wash this blanket and hung to dry, no bleach or ironing needed.

User comments

“This blanket is perfect for the chilly weather!”

“My 2-month-old loves to snuggle it and my 2 years old loves it also!”

Key features

  • 100% premium polyester
  • Everlasting design
  • Two-sided design

Finslep weighted blankets

Finslep weighted blanketsA soft and plush blanket with breathable cotton layers will give your baby the same sensation as being hugged. Despite its name, it is quite lightweight, only 3lbs. And thus perfect for your baby at home or when you are traveling. The blanket is also very versatile that you can use it anytime you want, even when your baby has long outgrown it.

User comments

“It is the perfect weight and size for my daughter.”

“I love everything about this blanket! It doesn’t make my daughter sweat either!”

Key features

  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Machine washable
  • Plush feeling

Elegant homes blanket

Elegant homes blanketThis blanket is very soft and made from plush polyester. Your baby will love being wrapped inside one. The size is quite big, 40*50 inches, and that means it will be years before your kid can outgrow it. This blanket is perfect both indoor and outdoor use because it’s easy to clean.

User comments

“The blanket is extremely soft. It is lightweight and well made.”

“My son loves his new blanket and even seem to sleep better with it.”

Key features

  • Premium polyester
  • Colorful patterns
  • Machine washable

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