Weighted Blanket and Pregnancy

weighted blanket and pregnancy featured

You may know the weighted blanket as something that parents who have kids with autism or ADD use to help their kids focus. Weighted blankets are also often used to help people with insomnia. But did you know that it also can help you during pregnancy as well?

Pregnancy is a wonderful thing but also overwhelming at the same time. Sleep has to be your top priority. Your wellbeing is not the only one at stake, but also the baby inside you. Unfortunately, many people often overlook insomnia during pregnancy and think that it’s just part of it. Most often, they think it’s because they have so many things to do to prepare to welcome the baby. When you find yourself unable to sleep for more than 6 hours in one night, you should get a weighted blanket as soon as possible.

It Helps You Sleep and Calm You Down

woman sleeping after taking sleeping pillOne thing that almost all pregnant women can agree on is that they’re lacking sleep. It can be a case of insomnia or something related to stress at work. At any rate, your sleep must become a top priority during pregnancy. Good quality sleep will help you get through the pregnancy and birthing process. But since you are expecting, its best to avoid medications unless necessary. This is where a weighted blanket comes to help. The distributed weight can emulate the comfort and warmth of a hug. You will have a night of better sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. No more feeling low due to lack of sleep. You also can use the blanket as a comforter when you relax while reading or watching movies.

It Is Safe to Use

A weighted blanket has either plastic pellets or glass beads filling the pockets that give the extra weight. But you don’t have to worry since they are non-toxic, and each pocket has reinforced stitches to prevent leak.

It Lasts a Long Time

Most weighted blankets are machine washable. So you don’t have to worry about sending them to the dry cleaners. It will fit just fine with your other laundry. After all, you need that good quality night sleep even more after the baby is born. With proper care, you can keep the blanket for your next pregnancy.

The common rule for figuring out how much weight to get in a weighted blanket is to have it at 10% of your body weight. And since you are expecting, you can use your weight during the first trimester as your guide. So if your weight is around 150lbs during the first trimester, your perfect blanket weighs 15lbs. Do not hesitate any longer, order your weighted blanket now. After all, you deserve a good sleep more than anyone.

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