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Weighted Blanket 20 lbs featured

As a rule of thumb, a weighted blanket should be 10% of your body weight plus a couple of pounds. This means that a weighted blanket weighing 20 lbs is ideal for you if you’re close to 200 lbs. But just because you are less than 200 lbs doesn’t mean you can’t use a 20-lb weighted blanket — for as long as it provides the comfort and relaxation you need, feel free to drape it over your body at night.

Searching for the best weighted blanket with a weight of 20 lbs? Then check out the following:

ZonLi Adults Weighted Blanket

ZonLi Adults Weighted BlanketThe combination of cotton and glass beads makes this weighted blanket with a 20-lb weight so nice to use. It’s great for fending off sleep deprivation due to insomnia, stress and anxiety. Measuring 60 in x 80 in, the product comes in an impressive array of colors, ranging from white, pink to navy blue. There’s also one with leopard prints.

Alomidds Weighted Blanket

Alomidds Weighted BlanketYou can rest assured that you’re going to enjoy this weighted blanket that weighs 20 lbs. That’s because it features reinforced stitching guaranteed to keep the glass beads inside the blanket. Measuring 48 in x 72 in, this grey weighted blanket is made from cotton for your comfort.

ZZZhen Weighted Blanket

ZZZhen Weighted BlanketThe manufacturer of this 20-lb weighted blanket relies on boxed stitching to ensure equal distribution of weight provided by glass beads. To boost the hypoallergenic properties of glass beads, they’re doused in plant extracts. The product measures 60 in x 80 in, and is available in grey, green and pink.

COMHO Weighted Blanket

COMHO Weighted BlanketWorry not if you hate unnecessary noise at bedtime. That’s because this 20-lb weighted blanket is filled with nano ceramic beads that produce minimal noise each time you move. The item, which measures 60 in x 80 in, is made from 100% cotton to ensure that you get the most relaxing sleep.

YEMYHOM Weighted Blanket

YEMYHOM Weighted BlanketIt’s easy to get plenty of shut eye with this weighted blanket. Because it’s made of cotton, you are less likely to experience unwanted night sweats and skin irritation. The manufacturer says that this item, which measures 60 in x 80 in, has 30% more glass beads to provide more soothing effects.

Smart Queen Weighted Blanket

Smart Queen Weighted BlanketAttaining peace of mind is easier with this weighted blanket weighing 20 lbs. It’s for the fact that the glass beads are encased in 7 layers of fabrics. The outer layer is cotton, which means that you’re sure to enjoy restorative sleep. The grey-colored weighted blanket measures 60 in x 80 in.

Isilila Weighted Blanket

Isilila Weighted BlanketMost weighted blanket users complain that the beads tend to collect in certain areas after some time. Well, the manufacturer of this 20-lb weighted blanket guarantees that it won’t happen because of its square designing coupled with fine stitching. It measures 48 in x 72 in, and comes in grey.

YnM Weighted Blanket

YnM Weighted BlanketYou’ll surely love the fact that this weighted blanket (60 in x 80 in) comes in a dizzying array of colors and designs — cream, apricot, lattice scroll, penguins and terrazzo are just a few examples. It weighs 20 lbs and, according to the manufacturer, has more glass beads and less fillers for the best bang for the buck.

Picking the right weighted blanket for your body weight is crucial if you want nothing but high-quality sleep.

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