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How Does Melatonin Work?

Melatonin is a popular orally-taken sleep aid among individuals who suffer from sleep-related issues such as insomnia and jet lag. You can purchase it without a doctor’s prescription. Despite this, it is still a good idea to first ask your primary care provider beforehand if it’s ok for you to take.

Wondering how does melatonin work and should you give it a try?

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Below you will come across some of the most important matters you need to know about this well-known sleep aid.

A Hormone and an Antioxidant, Too

sleeping pillIf you think that melatonin only comes in pill form, think again. Did you know that it’s manufactured by your own body? As a matter of fact, it is a hormone that’s produced by your bone marrow, gut and eyes. However, most of your supply of melatonin comes from the pineal gland, which is a pea-sized structure located in your brain.

Other than being a hormone, melatonin also has antioxidant properties. In other words, it is capable of zapping excess free radicals and reducing the negative effects of stress on your body.

Melatonin, if truth be told, has several tasks to carry out. However, this hormone slash antioxidant is primarily known for regulating the sleep-wake cycle — you know, that pattern which consists of several hours of wakefulness and a few hours of sleep.

It Doesn’t Really Cause Drowsiness

woman sleeping after taking sleeping pillDespite being marketed as an effective sleep aid, the truth is that melatonin doesn’t really cause sleepiness. So, it’s nothing like a sleeping pill that a doctor prescribes.

Worry not because melatonin can still do wonders if you are suffering from insomnia or any other sleep-related problem. According to health authorities, melatonin is in fact very good at enabling you to enjoy a good night’s sleep. It yields results by providing your body with signals that it’s time for you to catch some Z’s.

The moment the sun goes down, your body produces more melatonin. This causes a bunch of things to take place within your body. Some of them include a lower temperature, reduced blood pressure and a calmer mood — all of which are necessary for you to feel like taking a trip to dreamland.

Some Tips on Boosting Melatonin

Are you like some people who are terrified of popping a sleeping pill? Worry not because melatonin is regarded as something that’s generally safe. Again, it is naturally manufactured by the body. In pill form, however, it’s made in a laboratory. But that’s okay as it is like the melatonin your body produces.

If you still refuse to take melatonin nightly, there are certain steps that you may take to make sure that you have enough melatonin in your body at nighttime. For instance, sleep experts suggest avoiding the use of smartphones, tablets and laptops at bedtime because the blue light they give off can keep your body from producing melatonin.

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